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Binge eating disorder (BED) is a complex, life-threatening mental illness that requires treatment from a specialized eating disorder treatment team. There are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding binge eating disorder that prevent individuals from seeking professional assistance and support.

Binge eating disorder

In this webinar and discussion, Joanna Jleilaty, Founder and CEO of RecoverlyEverAfter, will provide information to professionals and professionals to be (undergraduates) to help them:
- Better understand binge eating disorder and its associated complications,
- Detect suspicious clients / patients struggling with disordered eating habits,
- Learn more about the mindset and behaviors underlying binge eating disorder,
- Explore the procedure required for recovery; what to do and how to help clients and patients overcome disruptive eating habits and implement a healthier relationship with food.

Available Bundles
OPTION 1: Electronic Certificate
OPTION 2: PDF Course Summary + Electronic Certificate
OPTION 3: Complementary Handbook on BED (75 pages) + PDF Course Summary + Electronic Certificate

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