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Starting now, you can begin a brand new journey toward a more positive path for yourself – one that’s filled with growth, well-being, acceptance and empowerment.

My own life struggles with an eating disorder led me to be a genuinely caring therapist who loves to see people set free and living their best lives by helping them heal and achieve a full Recovery.

For that purpose, I have designed this Self-Help Workbook that will give you a good recovery foundation to build on, and my goal is to guide you step by step in this adventurous journey!

This Workbook Is For You If You’re Tired Of:

- Fighting your own body
- Obsessing over food- Bingeing, restricting or purging
- Counting calories and tracking macros
- Yo-yo dieting and weight cycling
- Exercising just to burn calories
- Missing out on your life because of food and body-image!

What’s In It?

- 10 comprehensive modules
- 1 Bonus Module to track your progress
- Valuable printable worksheets and handouts
- Access to WhatsApp follow-ups
- Special Discount on your first session
- Lifetime use: retake all the modules again and again, for FREE!


When you sign up for this Self-Help Workbook, I will walk you through my proven blueprint for ending any disruptive eating behaviors, one module at a time.

Not to forget to mention that by purchasing the workbook, you will benefit from a DISCOUNT on your Assessment Session so that we can meet, analyze the exercises you have done, answer all your questions and evaluate your progress! 

      So Are You IN?!


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