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Joanna Jleilaty

Expert in Eating Behaviors and Disorders


Joanna Jleilaty, Eating disorders, eating disorders recovery

Welcome! I’m Joanna Jleilaty

I am an expert in eating behaviors and disorders. I combine therapy and coaching to provide you with an individual treatment plan that will lay the foundation to your successful Recovery.

I am committed to helping individuals heal their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves through a safe, nonjudgmental environment that I have designed for them.

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What Is Therapy For Eating Disorders?

Therapy for eating disorders is a collaborative process between you and a mental health professional where you learn how to overcome your eating and body-image challenges, and establish lasting healthy patterns and habits.

At RecoverlyEverAfter, we offer structured time to focus on you. We provide an objective, unbiased look into your life and goals, and provide new insights to help you grow.

Therapy with us will help you:
• Educate yourself about eating disorders
• Understand your triggers and address them
• Learn practical strategies you can implement into your everyday life
• Normalize your eating patterns and achieve a healthy weight
• Exchange unhealthy habits for healthy ones
• Achieve a successful recovery!

Why Therapy For Eating Disorders?

Our founder, Ms. Joanna Jleilaty, is a strong believer that eating disorders are not just about food and the body. This is why she has decided to deepen her focus into understanding the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that would trigger the eating disorder at first place and fuel it.

With a holistic perspective to treating eating disorders, Ms. Joanna focuses on 4 essential pillars which are Food, Mind, Body and Soul so that you can approach your eating disorder in a way which encompasses everything you would need. Learn more about Ms. Joanna Jleilaty

How Does Therapy For Eating Disorders Work?

Eating disorders therapy is a process. What makes therapy work is the collaborative relationship with your therapist, where you think together over time, openly and honestly, within a safe environment.

The process starts with an Assessment session where you will connect directly with Ms. Joanna so you can together discuss your current challenges in depth. You will then be introduced to our professional therapeutic practices and learn how they can help succeed in your recovery.

During the Assessment Session and having evaluated your needs and objectives, Ms. Joanna will be at a better position to recommend the therapeutic service that will best fit your needs.

Individual therapy sessions last about 40 minutes long. It may take up to three sessions before you start to see and feel a difference. It takes time for your therapist to get to know you and vice versa. It also takes time to process and apply all you’re learning.

Learn more about individual therapy sessions here, or schedule your Assessment session to get started. We will contact you at the soonest upon your scheduling your appointment.

Is Eating Disorders Therapy A Treatment?

Indeed, eating disorders therapy is a mental health treatment. This type of therapy depends on your readiness and your willingness to work with our specialized therapist . It is a treatment in which you are actively involved and in which you and us strive to achieve your desired goals.

When Should I Start Therapy?

The most important thing to remember about starting therapy for the first time is that there is no “perfect” time to start therapy. Therapy is a vital tool to incorporate into your life if you are aiming to recover from your disordered eating patterns.

Who Is Eating Disorders Therapy for?

Simply put — eating disorders therapy is open to everyone struggling with eating and body-image challenges. At RecoverlyEverAfter, our services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals struggling with disordered eating patterns so that they can benefit from mental and emotional improvements in their life.

Can I Go To Therapy With My Family?

Absolutely! As part of our therapeutic practices, we further support our clients by putting together their family members as to ensure good harmony within their bonding.

With a background in Family Therapy (FBT), we are keen to support families by providing the education, awareness, and counseling needed to help their sister / brother / spouse with eating disorders as well as on how to be the allies of the treatment.

Ms. Joanna’s Last Note:

As not only an eating disorder expert but also an eating disorder survivor, I can definitely say that Recovery is the best thing that has happened to me: It freed my mind from unhealthy thoughts and beliefs. It helped me regulate my emotions and break the vicious cycle I was stuck in. It allowed me to trust my body and treat it with compassion. It taught me how to be resilient, strong, dedicated and never give up… So here I am! A real success story right in front of you. Would you be next?